Alice Morrison


Alice Morrison


Raised in Uganda and Ghana, Alice moved back to her native Scotland, for school aged 11.  She studied Arabic and Turkish at Edinburgh University, subsequently living in Cairo for two years teaching English.

She then became one of only three female journalists with the BBC in London, working on stories from America to the Middle East.  After eight years in journalism, Alice went into business, spending two years building Supranet into a company of six million users.

In 2002 she became CEO of Vision+Media, building it into a £10-million company.  However, following Tory government cuts in 2011 decided to spend the rest of her life to living adventures.

Alice entered the Tour D’Afrique, racing her bike from Cairo to Cape Town.  It was 12,500 km, through ten countries, in 100 days, surviving close encounters with charging wild elephants and very nasty toilets. Her first book, Dodging Elephants, came out of the experience.

In 2014, Alice moved to Morocco initially to train for the Marathon des Sables but ended up staying as she loving Morocco so much.  In 2015, she hiked from the top of Mt. Toubkal (4,167 m) to the Atlantic Ocean (Agadir).

In 2016-2017, Alice’s second book, From Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure, came about through filming a documentary for the BBC about her quest for the “furthest place on Earth.”  It was an epic journey along the ancient salt roads, over the snow-covered Atlas Mountains, and across the Saharan sands.

In 2018, Alice moved to Imlil, in the Atlas Mountains, in order to train for the Everest Trail Race ultra-marathon in Nepal.  Alice became the first woman to walk the 1,500-km Draa River in Morocco (with three Amazigh guides and five camels) in 2019.

Alice published her third book in 2019, My 1001 Nights.  It is the story of her life here in Morocco.  Life in Morocco is sometimes hard, sometimes hilarious, and always interesting!