Besides our guest authors, artists and speakers and other direct participants our special thanks go to all those who have selflessly volunteered their time, resources and expertise towards helping make this first edition of the Marrakech English Book Festival possible.

The British Business Association Morocco would like to thank the tireless volunteers of the MEBF organizing team: Nick Cherkas, Juanita Folmsbee, Alan Keohane, Mate P Mazic, Mary Mimouna, Sarah Nait, Alia W Nazri and John Stobbart. A special thanks to our cohosts Mike Wood, Ali Bahaijoub, Mina Metioui and their fellow members of the British Moroccan Society and Nabil Obiad, Anna Bohern and their colleagues at the British Academy School Marrakech.

Our grateful thanks to our partners to Souad Talsi, Youssef Haji and their colleagues at the CCME.

To our collaborators, without whose support the festival would never have happened. Meryem Bennis and her team at Calliope, Professors Fatima-Zohra Ilflahen and Malika Elouali from the Cadi Ayyad University, Tony Reilly and Farah Fawzi at the British Council, Mohamed El Wahabi and his colleagues from the Olive Writers Collective, Taoufik Ghaffouli and all at the Maison Arabe and to Ambassador Simon Martin and his team at the British Embassy.

A tremendous thanks must also be extended to our venue hosts, without whom there would have been no festival: Abel Damoussi of Kssour Agafay, Abdelatif Ait Ben Abdellah owner of Dar Cherifa and Maha Elmadi Director of Dar Bellarj. Your enthusiasm and support was essential to helping make the festival happen at all.

Our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the members of the BBA Morocco, and others, who have hosted our guests during the festival: Meryk and Cees van den Berg, Maria Brebner, Mike Mc Hugo, Gloria Mudaliar Douglas Hutchinson, Aïné Marsland, James Wix and Lucie Andersen Wood.

We would also like to offer sincere gratitude to our industry sponsors: Mr Jean-Claude Messant at the Royal Mansour Marrakech, Mr Pierre Jochem at La Mamounia, Thomas Krooswijk at the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, Marie Girodet at La Sultana Marrakech, Jean-Paul Compagnon at Villa des Orangers, Ahmed Benkirane at Sofitel Marrakech, Rachid Assoudi at La Noura Barriere and Haj Mohammed Bouskri at Riad Kniza. With a very special thanks to Ahmed Nait at Travel Link and to Mountain Voyage Morocco.

Thanks also for all your patience and hard work to our website designer, Adam Brown, graphic designer, Stephane Simeon, and to our printer Ilham Mazdadi and her team at at ComToPrint.

And finally, but certainly not least, our very grateful thanks to His Excellence Mr Karim Kassi Lahlou, Wali of Marrakech, and to all his team at the Wilya, for their support and help in staging the festival under such difficult circumstances.