003_Hassan M'Souli
Make it Moroccan

Hassan M’Souli


Hassan M’Souli is one of the leading executive chefs in Australia.  He writes for newspapers and magazines globally, and is a regular television and radio personality across Australia.  Over 30 years in the restaurant business and onto his forth Moroccan restaurant in Sydney.

Hassan published his first book ‘Moroccan Modern’ in 2005, His second ‘Make It Moroccan’, came out in 2008.  The book became an instant global success winning ‘Best in the World’ in the category of African Cuisine at the 2010 Gourmand Cookbook Awards in Paris.

Originally from Casablanca, Hassan developed a passion for cooking as a child.  He immigrated to Australia in 1985.  Hassan opened his first restaurant, The Mosquito Bar, from 1986-93.  It was Sydney’s first experience of Moroccan cuisine.  His second restaurant, Casablanca, brought traditional Moroccan culture to Sydney, from 1990-95.  Diners enjoyed low tables and cushions, staff in kaftans, and belly dancing.  Out of Africa, his third restaurant opening in 1995, was a local institution in the beach town of Manly on Sydney’s northern beaches, until closing after 20 years.

In 2008 Hassan received a Plaque of Appreciation and Cultural Understanding from the Embassy of Morocco. In 2010 he received a personally signed letter of congratulations from the King of Morocco Mohammed VI.

He loves to expand his knowledge and skills in global cuisine and decided to enter the World Paella competition in 2014 going on to win the Oceania region, before competing in Valencia Spain for the finals and coming 4th in the world.

Hassan focused his time in between restaurants working on some cooking and travel show concepts before running his first luxury culinary tour of Morocco in 2019. He also loves to share his passion teaching cooking classes in Australia for both adults and school students.

In 2020 Hassan opened up his 4th restaurant on Manly beach ‘Darna’ meaning my home in Arabic, although he is still looking for his next challenge.