Houda Elfchtali


Houda Elfchtali is a young Moroccan international award winning poet in Meknes, who publishes both in English and French. Although she is an English teacher by profession, Ms Elfchtali also translates and writes a regular column in the French new site

Houda is the founded the forum Houda’s Poetry Circle on facebook in 2017 and is a delgate for the Maghreb for the international poetry forum Motivational Strips, and is active in the African poetry website and the international 100 Thousand Poets for Change movement started in 2011 that uses poetry to strive for peace and sustainability in the world.

Elfchtali’s published works include My words and Worlds (2017) Shades of my Soul (2018) and The Edge of the Blue (2021). Houda has also contributed to American and international anthologies such as Divine Choir, A Tunis Galaxy Anthology, Heal The World, A Spark of Hope and Paradise On Earth

Houda Elfchtali is a passionate nature conservationist and choral singer.