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Saeida Rouass


Saeida Rouass is a British writer of Moroccan heritage. She writes novels and magazine articles, contributes to theatre projects, and researches issues impacting women.

Her novel Assembly of the Dead is set in Marrakesh, in 1906, and is based on the true story of the Moorish Jack the Ripper.

Saeida has two additional upcoming novels. The first is Library of Untruths, set in Fes, in 1912, when Morocco became a French Protectorate. The second is Caravan of Despair, set in Chefchaoun, in 1921, during the Rif Rebellion.

Saeida has written for media outlets and cultural magazines, including: The Independent, Newsweek, Wasafari Magazine and Skin Deep Magazine. She recently contributed to the anthology The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human – Tales from Many Muslim Worlds. She contributed to The Theatre of the East, a UK project, which creatively explored early interactions between Great Britain and the Muslim World. She is a 2019 Churchill Fellow, and her research focused on the impact of hate groups on women.